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Adopt a book

Many of the Institution’s books contain bookplates, inscriptions and annotations - fascinating clues to the identities of previous owners and readers. By adopting a book, you can become part of the Institution’s history while helping to preserve its best-loved books for generations to come.

Anyone can adopt a book. You can choose a book by a favourite author or on a subject of interest, from science and engineering to history, music and art. You can also adopt a favourite print or drawing, such as a watercolour sketch of a special place. It is your choice.

You can search our collections of books and prints and drawings online. If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us and we can help you find something to suit. If your choice of book or drawing has already been adopted we will suggest another option.


What you’ll receive
Adoptions are made once and for always. For your gift of £20 you will receive a personalised bookplate in your chosen book and a certificate, and your name will be entered in our Benefactors Book. Your adopted book will also be included in our annual Adopt a Book event where you will be able to learn more about the positive impact of your donation on the Institution.


Adopt a book

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  • Your adopted book or drawing