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Thomas Hobbes, ‘The moral and political works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury’, (1750)

Classmark: Bay 68 1750 HOB X

Thomas Hobbes was a philosopher, born in Wiltshire in 1588. He is described in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as ‘a philosopher whose importance extends far beyond the realm of political theory—someone whose work in theology, metaphysics, science, history, and psychology entitles him to be described as one of the true founders of modernity in Western culture’.


He is best known for Leviathan, published in 1651, in which he expounds his theory that only a strong and absolute sovereign held the key to peace. This publication contained a new feature of seventeenth century publishing – the frontispiece – an illustration placed opposite the title page to guide the reader in their interpretation of the text. This frontispiece is reproduced in this volume – the first collected edition of Hobbes’ works.

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