Current display – Books of Wonder – exploring the DEI’s natural history collection.


Display Archive

The Houses of Cathedral Close (2016) –  (Previously at Exeter Cathedral and St Martin’s Church) A downloadable version is available here: DEI Houses of Cathedral Close

Devon and the Middle East (2016 – 17) – (Displayed at the University of Exeter /  Displayed in the Central Library 2018 / Displayed at the Respect Festival in 2018/ Displayed at Exeter day St Nicholas Priory 2019)  A downloadable version is available here: DEI Devon & the Middle East

Raising the Roof  (2017)- (Displayed at St Martin’s Church in 2018)  A downloadable version is available here: DEI Raising the Roof

Russians in Devon, Devonians in Russia (2017-18)  –  (Displayed at the Keep Museum in 2018 – In collaboration with the department of Modern Languages, University of Exeter)

The Victorian Art of Persuasion (2018) – The 1868 Exeter election caricatures.

Collecting the World (2018-19)The Institution museum and the origins of RAMM.

Books of Wonder (2019 – 20) – The Natural History collection at the DEI