The Devon & Exeter Institution invites you to respond to its annual call for papers, interacting with the theme of “Transformations and Change Makers.”

Proposals may consider, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Regional representations / people and place
  • The local and the global
  • Clubs, societies, and groups
  • Historic sites, collections, and organisations
  • Social justice campaigns, past and present
  • Inventions and innovations
  • Collaborative learning and creative practices
  • Spaces to speak, meeting houses and forums
  • Community living and shared spaces
  • Connections and conversations

……or a suggested topic of your choosing.

Please submit an abstract of 250-500 words by Monday 18th September 2023 to [email protected]

Accepted papers will be presented in our monthly evening lecture series from October 2023-April 2024.  We also welcome proposals for panel discussions/ collaborative papers.

Preference will be given to papers that reference items in our collection (catalogue available here Catalogue – The Devon and Exeter Institution) though this is not an absolute requirement.

We welcome abstracts that interact with our arts, literature, and science collections as well as our local history collection, and we are particularly keen to welcome early career and postgraduate researchers.