We invite you to bring the garden inside once more with these pine cone planters, a perfect craft for wet days. Great for creating more green space inside, especially if you don’t have a garden.

Simple to make, you will need a little moss, a few small plants, some string, scissors, something to poke the plants in, and a small amount of compost.

We used succulents (String of pearls, Stonecrop & White Mexican Rose) as these have such a shallow root system and are super easy to care for.

Begin by first tying the string around the cone, then begin to pack in the moss, pushing it right down between the scales of the pinecone. Now you can start adding in your plants, using a little compost if needed to keep in position. For larger plants you might need to tie some string around to keep it in place, or keep it horizontal for a couple of weeks to let it root before hanging.

When your happy with your creation, hang in position and water once a week or so by misting around the plants, trying to avoid the leaves.

Happy Planting!

Stephanie Beddoes

Saturday Activities Coordinator