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Virtual Reading Group. 'From the Reading Room'

The DEI Reading group started 6 years ago and continues to be well attended. We have been meeting on the second Monday of each month in our lovely Reading Room.  Because of the present situation we  have started an email discussion on the second Monday of each month to discuss the titles on the 2020 list. New members are welcome to join.

'From the Reading Room' with tea and biscuits or wine and nibbles if you prefer!

For the meeting on 8th June "Jazz' by Toni Morrison

The novel begins in the midst of the love triangle between Violet, Joe and Dorcas. Violet and Joe are unhappily married and living together in an apartment in Harlem when Joe falls in love with a seventeen-year old girl named Dorcas. Joe and Dorcas meet when Joe comes to Dorcas's aunt's house to sell ladies cosmetics, and their affair lasts from October of 1925 to the first of January 1926. Joe talks with Malvonne, an upstairs neighbour, and negotiates the use of her empty apartment so that he and Dorcas can meet there. This arrangement continues for several months and neither Violet nor Alice Manfred, Dorcas's aunt, have any knowledge of the affair. …

Please add your comments on the book. Margaret

Hello Margaret and to others as they gradually join.

Will be reading this one at the end of the month. My very final essay for the OU has been cancelled (equivalent to an exam) so my last essay will be over by the end of April. What a relief although it has given me structure during this lockdown. Have enjoyed Harris’s other books so hope to appreciate this one too. It sounds like ‘enjoy’ is the wrong word this time.

Hope you and Derek are well and safe.

Clare x