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Completion of Workbooks.

Dear Julia, First can I say how shocked I was to hear of the trial you have been going through resulting from the injury to you leg. I do hope that you are coping and your health is improving.

As for the Workbooks, the Devon Libraries Ancestry service has been an absolute boon. I have managed to complete a great deal of detail on the residents of all of my properties (George St, Market St & Milk St), but have come to rather a halt, as I need to be looking at things other than cenuses and birth etc records. There are still a number of gaps though as a number of names, especially those just on the electoral registers have been impossible to trace so far.

The next stage for me will rely on the opening of the DEI and Sowton. Also, I cannot wait for the release of the 1920 Census, as I feel sure it will add a great deal of information on the names we have, and provide many new names as well. (Am I right in saying we will have to wait until until January 1922?)

I do hope every one is keep safe and well, and have not found the last three months too much of a strain. The Workbooks have been a great help in keeping me amused over this time.

Best wishes to all

John Heal