We love to see what you’ve been up to:  Email pictures of your work or experiments to Emma or add them in the comments on facebook and twitter.

May programme

Week 1 – May Day in the garden

Make-along flower crowns with Emma:

Livestreamed event


Week 1  – VE day special with Beth and Steph 

Part 1 – From the archive

Part 2 – Cooking the Books – scones


Week 2 – Creating a Character 

Create a Character with Beth – creative writing workshop for 7-11 year olds

Part 1 – Intro

Part 2 – Worksheets

Part 3 – Character writing prompts


Week 3 – Bookworms boredom busters

Join Charlotte and Steph to find out about the Tudors and make a Tudor ruff

Part 1 – Film – Who were the Tudors?

Part 2 – Make-along Make a Tudor ruff

Part 3 – Tudor Colouring sheets

Part 4 – Storytime with our eldest Bookworm, Eva


Week 4 – ‘Big Draw’ Animals with Beth

Part 1 – From the library collection – Animal observations in the Arctic 1850-52

Part 2 – Now draw your own creature


Window Box Make with Steph

Part 1 – Make a planter

Part 2 – Decorate a pot


April programme

Easter garland make

Simple ways to draw a rabbit, a chick and a sheep using a circle

Make cupcakes or vegan blueberry muffins

Planting without pots

Drawing still life from our handling collection (Animal Skulls)

Part 1 Drawing still life 1

Part 2  Drawing still life 2


Bookworms boredom busters

Bookworms this month is about Ancient Egypt and a man called Giovanni Belzoni.  Charlotte has made lovely film  –  next time come into the library do ask to see his book.

In our Bookworms Boredom Buster, Steph show you how to  make your own pop up pyramid card.


We’ve created our own online jigsaws, which are perfect for any age or ability.


March programme

Bookworms boredom busters

March Bookworms is celebrating National Science Week with Emma.

Livestreamed event


Here are 4 simple experiments to help keep children entertained with science, that you can do at home (no specialist equipment required).

  1. Water bucket challenge
  2. Make your own slime
  3. Oil and water
  4. Make your own wrapping paper

Poetry workshop

Here are the links to Beth’s Jabberwocky poetry reading.

Some other poems for you to look at and read at home.

Our Jabberwocky gallery features all your brilliant Jabberwocky pics – thank you for sending in your work!