An Invitation to Create…

On a high shelf at the Institution, there are 13 Xylotheque ‘Wood Library’ books.

Their provenance is unknown at present. They may have come from a private house collection, created as a diversion or souvenir. Some still have embossed labels on their spine which are in French and note the name of the tree.

The spines are made from the bark and inside, leaf specimens are mounted and seeds are hidden in little compartments.

There are specimens from Europe, North America and East Asia.

Today’s invitation, is to create a nature box which can be filled with anything organic.

-Take time to notice the textures, smells and shapes.

-Look at the colours of the changing leaves.

-How old are the trees?

-What do you like about your collection?

-How do you want to arrange your samples?


We’ll invite you to create on our Facebook page each Saturday, with inspiration from our collection, on the theme of ‘Hidden Nature’. We’d love to see what you’ve created and will curate an online gallery of your responses this summer.

Emma Dunn, Director of Programme and Projects