The Library

The Library holds 35,000 volumes and many thousands of maps, prints, pamphlets, cuttings and leaflets.  

The Library is deemed of national importance as an intact collection in its original setting.

The DEI is also a living library and books specific to the history of Devon and the Southwest continue to be acquired.

The collection is undergoing conservation to preserve it for future generations.


Members may borrow up to six books which have been published in the previous 100 years for a period of one calendar month.

If a member wishes to borrow a book that has been published earlier this will be at the discretion of the librarian.

Books may be renewed-if not required by another member.

Please e mail or call on 01392 251017.

Members may borrow up to three DVDs, boxed sets count as one item for a period of one calendar month.

Our catalogue is hosted by the University of Exeter and can be accessed here.

We are always happy to consider any items that you may wish to donate for inclusion in the library.
Please contact the Librarian by telephone or by email beforehand.   This will enable her to advise you on the suitability of the items.
In general only items which are relevant to Exeter, Devon and the South West will be considered and original source materials such as deeds would need to be offered to the South West Heritage Centre.
Many thanks